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The importance of nail clipping

Due to the shape of their feet and their penchant for inactivity, Greyhounds need their nails clipped regularly. Having nails that are too long feels like walking in shoes that are a size too small so it is important their nails are maintained, even if the dog doesn’t think so!

How short should nails be? When the dog is standing with their weight evenly distributed on each leg, the nail should not be touching the ground.

nice nails

Greyhounds should be used to being handled, but they may have had a few nails cut a bit short in the past, or just be a bit leery of the feeling they get when their nails are clipped. If you are firm, fair and confident in handling the dog then you should be OK. When you first get the dog you are still building trust, so just start by handling the dog’s feet. Perhaps play ‘this little piggie’ where you grab each toe and press on the paw pad. When it comes to getting the clippers out, do a few nails each session and build up as you go. Give treats generously when the dog allows you to clip a nail without fussing. I choose to do my dog’s nails when they have just been free running, perhaps at the beach, so they are too tired to complain much.

If the clippers are a bit much for both of you, try using a Dremel (or other rotary tool) with a sanding drum. Dremel have even done an instruction sheet for grinding pet nails, which can be found at this link.

While this is not a greyhound in this video, I think this is a very comprehensive and easy to understand little tutorial on how to clip with clippers and how to use a rotary tool.

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