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Swimming Lessons!! – Guest Post by Mel Yarnall

indi puppycrop

Some of you may remember this pic of a sad lil puppy with a broken leg that appeared on Facebook in September 2013. We were lucky enough to be selected as Indi’s parents, and she came into our family in December 2013. We have been working with her ever since to build up the muscles in her back leg so that she can play for a period of time without limping and holding her leg up. She is making great progress, although she doesn’t understand what the fuss is about. To her, there is nothing wrong with her.

About three months ago, we enlisted the help of Julie from the Wellness Centre for Dogs and their Humans. Indi just loves her therapy sessions and is a little bit obsessed with Julie. It was on Julie’s encouragement that we got Indi into swimming, and we found the pool facilities at Fur Kids Resort in Canning Vale.

indi car mirror

Indi has been doing swimming lessons with us for the last eight weeks. She has hated every minute of it, and has not been the most cooperative of pupils. She loves the car ride (as you can tell from the picture) but then she has a tantrum in the carpark when she realises where we are!

indi swimming

*Indi certainly looks stronger and can jump higher than ever before!

**Julie Edwards from Wellness Centre for Dogs & their humans provides complimentary therapy to dogs in foster care with GreyhoundAngels. We greatly appreciate her support. 

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