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Ever thought about what would happen if your dog was in an accident, or had a problem with bleeding, and needed a blood transfusion? Where would that blood come from?

Hero dog Bruce

Hero dog Bruce

GreyhoundAngels have a new partnership with Perth Vet Emergency. After one of our foster dogs had some serious medical problems that needed after hours emergency attention, racking up a significant bill, they offered us a discount in return for monthly blood donations from our supporters/adopters.

Dogs are only allowed to donate twice a year and must meet PVE’s criteria. They get a health check in return, and PVE let the donor family know when the blood donations have been used.

Our first donors were the lovely Lenny & Tippy. Tippy isn’t 100% greyhound, and she was a bit bouncy in the reception area. Initially the vet wasn’t sure she would have the right temperament for donating, but when it came to it she did just fine!

Lenny and Tippy waiting to go in

Lenny and Tippy waiting to go in

PVE undertook to let Linda know when their blood donations were used. A couple of weeks after donating, she got a the following message from PVE:

“Thank you so much! Tippy and Lenny’s donations have already helped save the lives of three critically ill dogs at PVE and their families are so grateful.”


Magnus the Magnificent (MTM)

Magnus the Magnificent (MTM)

Magnus was our second donor under this arrangement, and this is what his mum, Kristan, had to say:

I have just picked up my sweet boy Magnus from his blood donation today. They said he was ‘perfect’. I’m always so proud of him, he is such a good boy.

When we arrived this morning there was another greyhound leaving at the same time. The poor boy looked awful, he had run into a fence at full speed! Seeing him made me so upset, but reminded me how important it is for our healthy dogs to donate. God forbid, I don’t ever want to visit that emergency vet for any other reason!


Many of our adopters put their hands up to help out because it does no harm to their dogs but can save the lives of others. If you are an adopter and want to add your dog to the list of volunteer donors, contact us via the contact form on the About/Contact page.


Updated: November 11, 2014 — 11:00 am
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