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Introducing: the GreyhoundAngels of WA Committee

Since the Committee is now brimming with new faces, we thought that the new blog was a great opportunity to introduce ourselves (and our hounds).

Foster & Adoptions Co-ordinator: Sue Leitch

sue leitch

My first introduction to Greyhounds was as a young girl listening to my father talk fondly of the favorite dog from his childhood – a hound called Fly.  Fly must have been one special dog to make such an impact, as she was one of many working dogs on a large farming enterprise.  It was not until I was in my twenties that I was first owned by a hound – a greyhound/staghound cross, Ria – bred to be a kangaroo dog.  Luckily for me she was discarded as she wouldn’t pull a roo, only liked the chase.  She began my own love affair with sight hounds.  There have been other dogs adopted over the years since Ria’s passing, but I always promised myself that I would adopt a greyhound.  I also made this promise to Melita Shonis, the founder of GreyhoundAngels – it took a while but I kept my promise about 2 years ago, when my first hound joined the family and I now share my life with two more.  It is a promise I am so glad I kept, as these dogs are such wonderful companions I can’t imagine life without them.

It is as the Adoptions Co-ordinator that I hope to be able to help others find similar joy in having a greyhound as a member of their family.  While I haven’t been involved with rescue greyhounds for long, I have had considerable experience in dog rescue and rehoming, including as the manager of the Dogs’ Refuge Home, Shenton Park.  I shall use my best endeavours to bring that knowledge and experience to bear in this role.

Apart from my hounds, I spend time playing with horses and am the President and Chief Field Officer for Second Chance Horse Rescue, a WA based equine rescue group.  I am currently fostering 6 rescue horses and ponies and helping them get ready for new homes, as well as having fun with my own 6 horses.

I also breed alpacas and have around 100 alpacas, 7 llamas, 10 sheep and several rescue kangaroos on my farm, together with various free-range poultry to complete the picture.  The hounds and I are never bored.

Events Co-ordinator: Mel Yarnall (and Indi)

bio 1 indi and mel

We adopted Indi Pippin in December 2013, but it feels like she has been part of our family forever. Indi came to us as a five month old puppy who had recovered from a broken leg, but she hasn’t let that slow her down at all. Our weekends are generally filled with Indi focused activities from walks, cafe visits, dog parks, plays with friends and extends to things like doggy days care and art class.

I come from a legal background and have a strong interest in animal law, particularly as it pertains to companion animals. I have a strong interest in issues relating to greyhounds obviously, puppy farming and breed specific legislation.

I have been a volunteer in various roles at Shenton Park Dogs Home since 2009. These have included running induction teams, team leader, training, dog walking, fundraising and dog respite. Now I am em excited to tackle the new challenges of being Secretary with GreyhoundAngels of WA.

Treasurer: Daniel Alway (and Bruce)

bio 1 daniel bruce

I have been the treasurer for GreyhoundAngels since the beginning of 2013.

I have been involved with dogs all of my life.  I come from a dog loving family and grew up with a Labrador, Muensterlaender and a Poodle x, as well as the dogs that many of my friends had. Each and every one of our family dogs have been rescue dogs and each and every one rewarded my family in their own unique way. When I moved to Australia almost three years ago, a work colleague of my wife introduced me to the GreyhoundAngels facebook.  I quickly had my eyes opened to the truth about greyhound racing and I knew I had to get involved. Very soon, I and my wife met our very first greyhound by fostering one.  Life has not been the same since and greyhounds have become such an important part of my life.  My wife and I have since adopted our own beautiful greyhound boy, Bruce and continue to foster.  Now we can’t imagine life without them and often comment that the hounds often make the better humans.

As well as fostering, I put my 7 years of financial/banking experience to use in my role as treasurer to the Greyhound Angels committee and generally help the hounds whenever I can.

Public Relations: Jet Heedes (and Mouse)

bio 1 jet and mouse

I adopted my first greyhound 5 years ago and have been entranced by them ever since. I first joined GreyhoundAngels as a foster carer in April 2013, and joined the Committee in March 2014.

I like to include my dogs in pretty much everything I do so if a venue or activity is not dog friendly, the likelihood I will attend drops! I think that might qualify me as a ‘crazy dog lady’.

Blogging and web design are hobbies of mine, and it turns out they are valuable to community groups! I’ve set up this webpage to serve up fresh content for people who are interested in greyhounds, and it’s a great way for those who don’t use Facebook to keep up to date with what is happening with the group.

Secretary: Rachel Anderson (and Sam)

bio 1 rachel and sam

Everyone knows I love to talk about dogs!  Therefore organising events and fundraising for GreyhoundAngels is the perfect opportunity for me to do just that.  I get great satisfaction chatting to the public and educating people on just how wonderful greyhounds are and what perfect family members they can be.

I read about the racing industry and the treatment of greyhounds whilst studying vet nursing many moons ago and  I knew I had to take action.  A gorgeous brindle boxer girl owned me at the time but I was adamant I would one day save an ex racer.  Nearly 20 years later, after rescuing a staffy from a Council pound AND moving to the other side of the country, the time was right.  BEST DECISION EVER!  Sam joined us 18 months ago and has bought nothing but joy and laughter to our lives.  There is nothing better than coming home to an excited greyhound with a helicopter tail after a boring day at the office.


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