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Greyhound Microchip information for Adopters, Vets & Rangers


All greyhounds in Western Australia born after 2011 have been implanted with a microchip which is associated with their racing registration.

This microchip is registered with the racing authority only, not any of the pet microchip databases like the Australasian Animal Registry (AAR). The database can be accessed by the staff at Racing & Wagering WA.

Lily : currently in foster care, July 2015

 Lily, currently in foster care

If a greyhound’s racing chip is still functioning and scannable when the greyhound comes into care with us, they are not implanted with a second microchip.

The adopter is provided with the racing microchip number when the dog is adopted. It is the adopter’s responsibility to register the microchip with one of the pet database. There may be a nominal fee payable for this registration service.

If the dog was born before 2011 or if it’s racing chip fails to scan, then GreyhoundAngels will microchip the dog. In this scenario the microchip will be registered with the AAR with details from GreyhoundAngels. It is the adopter’s responsibility to update these details, and provide AAR with a copy of either the adoption contract or a statutory declaration explaining when the dog was adopted.


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