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The Greyhound cross brigade….

There are often greyhound crosses that appear in pounds desperate for someone to come and save them. Sometimes people want to surrender them to us for their own reasons.

People come to us to adopt a greyhound, so often these guys get overlooked because they aren’t quite what they were looking for. They often have higher exercise and training requirements than retired racers, but they are usually incredible athletes and are highly trainable in a variety of dog sports. They also make great hiking or running companions.



Huckleberry is very greyhound-like in looks except for his wider than average head and big feet. The rangers thought that he was too far gone when he was impounded. He was mentally shut down and would just lie in a puddle of his own wee. Lucky for him the rangers gave him a chance, and just kept giving him food until he started to interact with humans again. In his first night of foster care he was scared to come inside the house. He had an old belt cut short as a collar but he weed himself if his collar was grabbed. He would freeze if he got any collar pressure whilst walking.

Since then his confidence has grown so much that he can be walked on a regular flat collar. He loves other dogs and he draws confidence and security from them.


Whilst Huck still has a way to go with his confidence around people, the improvement over such a short amount of time has been breathtaking. He is a highly intelligent young dog and he will need an outlet for his mental and physical energy, either by being involved in dog sports (he could excel at everything from obedience to lure coursing) or by being with a very active family.

Just to get an idea of his playfulness and energy, here is Huck playing with 9 year old Bender.

If you want to find out more about Huckleberry, his petrescue profile is here.


Axle has been nicknamed ‘Hagrid’ because he’s big and friendly. He is a big boy with big feet and a slightly wider head. He still looks very much like a greyhound apart from these two things.

He loves cars so much that when I visited his foster home he tried to leave with me. It took a lot of convincing to get him back out of my car so that I could put my dogs in!

He is a confident boy but he can be a troublemaker if he doesn’t have enough to do. He wants to please you, you just have to show him what to do. He’s in foster care with a couple of Italian greyhounds and a greyhound. He loves to play fetch and tug, and he would love to be part of a family with older kids. He’s not that far from growing up into a very respectable good canine citizen, as long as his adoptive family commits to continue his training.

axle roach

If you would like to know more about Axle, his petrescue profile is here.

If you would like to foster one of these greyhound-cross types please fill out a Foster Carer Application Form. We really need more people interested in fostering these guys in order to save more from Perth pounds.

Audits, audits…

Non-profit and charitable organisations need to be accountable for the funds they raise, and they do this by going through regular audits.

Audits cost money of course, but they are an important part of the administration of the organisation.

Our latest audit was carried out by Leanne Galellis, CPA. She is happy to work for very small non-profits like us and we recommend her. She is very professional and whilst she asked us a couple of hard questions, she was great to deal with. Our Treasurer, Daniel, really appreciated this the most.

If any other small non-profits or charities in Perth need an auditor, give her a call on (08) 9227 5983. 

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