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Sighthound colouring in sheets

One of our adopters inspired me to focus my ‘doodling’ into making a couple of colouring in sheets for adults and kids alike.

The first one is a bunch of different sighthounds – can you name them all?

The second one was inspired by my greyhound Mouse, and is also a bit of a salute to Pokemon Go…

Click on the pictures for full size versions.


mouse beach scene

If you enjoyed these, please throw a few dollars GreyhoundAngels’ way via this Givenow link – your donation is tax deductible if you are in Australia and goes to help more Greyhounds in need.


Fundraising time! T-shirts, iphone cases and wine!

did you say fundraising

There are two current fundraisers running which can help us cover Vet fees for the dogs in our care. The first is for Aussies over 18 only – Goodwill wines.

The second is available world wide – Jet has done a few t-shirt designs featuring hounds from GreyhoundAngels and is donating 100% of the commission from sales to the group. If you happen to be in the USA postage might even be free! (edit: this fundraiser is over as of 2 Sept 2015 – designs are still available but the commission won’t 100% go to us)

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