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Greyhounds & other pets – photoshoot by Alex Cearns @ Houndstooth Studio

In the wake of the television show, Four Corners, report on the prevalence of live baiting in greyhound racing, Alex Cearns teamed up with us and Greener Pastures Sanctuary in order to present Greyhounds in a better (and more realistic) light!

Lily chicks and rabbit

The immediate aftermath of the Four Corners report was a bit of a nightmare for some greyhound owners, and I had certainly been subjected to several offensive comments yelled at me from across the street referencing live baiting.

Thanks to Alex’s tenacity, the photos and story were picked up by PerthNow and the article went gangbusters on their Facebook page. Check it out!

Behind the scenes, it was a really hot day, but I know that Barbie & Mouse really enjoyed the shoot and the attention. The Greener Pastures bunnies, chicks, kitten and puppies were accommodated nicely in the studio and the bunnies and puppies in particular seemed very at home. The puppies were adorable big clods and were enjoying all the human attention.

The greyhounds went into the studio two at a time. The greyhounds and other animals had not met before. As you can see from the photos, Dottie & Lily did beautifully with their chicks and rabbits.

Dottie & two rabbits


Barbie & Mouse had already had experience in Alex’s studio and Mouse in particular was a true professional (the fact that she is my dog did not bias my opinion at all). She is looking for her next modelling gig. Mouse and the pup really seemed to have a bond straight away and it made for some really cute shots.

Barbie and kitten

When Barbie was first introduced to the little tortoiseshell kitten, the kitten made sure she knew who was boss by giving her a little love tap on the nose. Barbie almost got up and ran away, but I reassured her and she settled down again for the photo. Getting a dog and a kitten to look at the camera the the same time is no mean feat, but Alex was certainly up to the task along with Deb who was helping keep the little animals comfortable (and in line).

Mouse and puppy

The results from this shoot were really more than we could have asked for, and hopefully it helped rebalance the public perception of greyhounds. A bit of perspective is what is needed – not all dogs get along with smaller animals but that is the same across all breeds. Hopefully greyhounds being unfairly stereotyped will end one day, but we are here, doing our best to open minds.

Swimming Lessons!! – Guest Post by Mel Yarnall

indi puppycrop

Some of you may remember this pic of a sad lil puppy with a broken leg that appeared on Facebook in September 2013. We were lucky enough to be selected as Indi’s parents, and she came into our family in December 2013. We have been working with her ever since to build up the muscles in her back leg so that she can play for a period of time without limping and holding her leg up. She is making great progress, although she doesn’t understand what the fuss is about. To her, there is nothing wrong with her.

About three months ago, we enlisted the help of Julie from the Wellness Centre for Dogs and their Humans. Indi just loves her therapy sessions and is a little bit obsessed with Julie. It was on Julie’s encouragement that we got Indi into swimming, and we found the pool facilities at Fur Kids Resort in Canning Vale.

indi car mirror

Indi has been doing swimming lessons with us for the last eight weeks. She has hated every minute of it, and has not been the most cooperative of pupils. She loves the car ride (as you can tell from the picture) but then she has a tantrum in the carpark when she realises where we are!

indi swimming

*Indi certainly looks stronger and can jump higher than ever before!

**Julie Edwards from Wellness Centre for Dogs & their humans provides complimentary therapy to dogs in foster care with GreyhoundAngels. We greatly appreciate her support. 

Perth Vet Emergency & GreyhoundAngels WA saving lives together!

Ever thought about what would happen if your dog was in an accident, or had a problem with bleeding, and needed a blood transfusion? Where would that blood come from?

Hero dog Bruce

Hero dog Bruce

GreyhoundAngels have a new partnership with Perth Vet Emergency. After one of our foster dogs had some serious medical problems that needed after hours emergency attention, racking up a significant bill, they offered us a discount in return for monthly blood donations from our supporters/adopters.

Dogs are only allowed to donate twice a year and must meet PVE’s criteria. They get a health check in return, and PVE let the donor family know when the blood donations have been used.

Our first donors were the lovely Lenny & Tippy. Tippy isn’t 100% greyhound, and she was a bit bouncy in the reception area. Initially the vet wasn’t sure she would have the right temperament for donating, but when it came to it she did just fine!

Lenny and Tippy waiting to go in

Lenny and Tippy waiting to go in

PVE undertook to let Linda know when their blood donations were used. A couple of weeks after donating, she got a the following message from PVE:

“Thank you so much! Tippy and Lenny’s donations have already helped save the lives of three critically ill dogs at PVE and their families are so grateful.”


Magnus the Magnificent (MTM)

Magnus the Magnificent (MTM)

Magnus was our second donor under this arrangement, and this is what his mum, Kristan, had to say:

I have just picked up my sweet boy Magnus from his blood donation today. They said he was ‘perfect’. I’m always so proud of him, he is such a good boy.

When we arrived this morning there was another greyhound leaving at the same time. The poor boy looked awful, he had run into a fence at full speed! Seeing him made me so upset, but reminded me how important it is for our healthy dogs to donate. God forbid, I don’t ever want to visit that emergency vet for any other reason!


Many of our adopters put their hands up to help out because it does no harm to their dogs but can save the lives of others. If you are an adopter and want to add your dog to the list of volunteer donors, contact us via the contact form on the About/Contact page.


Halloween Dress Ups!

Greyhounds are such willing subjects when it comes to dressing up in silly costumes, Halloween is the perfect holiday for them!

Adopted hound Magnus joined his family in dressing up for the occasion. As you can see someone missed the ‘Star Wars Theme’ memo.

magnus scream

There was also Mouse-cular, who dressed up for a night out on the town, visiting a local market. Mouse is always a good sport and doesn’t mind being adorned with eyebrows for comedic effect.

halloween mouse

One of the kids asked where Mouse’s fangs were – of course all dogs have fangs, so a Vampire outfit is most fitting.

Did you dress your hound up for Halloween? What did you dress them up as? Will you do it next year?

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